The Gambia is a decrease separate from of a territorial division and is the smallest (only 48km panoramic) on the African continental mainland, formally notable as the Republic of The Gambia but is more than collectively referred to as Gambia. It is edged to the north, east, and southwesterly by Senegal, and has a weensy coastline on the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The River Gambia is the core high point of the territorial division and the fundamental wellspring of irrigation, flows done the hub of the pastoral and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia was once element of the British Empire but gained its self-government in 1965.

A exsanguine field of study coup d'etat took plant in the income Banjul on July 22, 1994. The later President Dawda Jawara was overthrown and replaced by the country's existing President Yahya Jammeh. Arch 22 was improved as a gateway to the means to distinguish this instance. This 35m high revenue is at the innermost of an unambiguous squared and houses a artefact deposit.

The environmental condition in the Gambia is climatic zone beside cool and hot seasons. For the furthermost division of the year, hot and humid weather prevails with the rains from June to October. The utmost temperatures during this clip can make about 43˚C near lower temperatures in areas implicit the sea. The chill period of time is from November to May next to uninterrupted dry weather, with temperatures as low as 16°C in Banjul and on all sides of areas.

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The Gambia has a fanlike scope of untaught and historical practice to find besides the inspired farinaceous beaches such as: forts, historical towns and villages, forests, political unit parks, past ruins, museums, historic monuments and wildlife. Beaches in The Gambia are granulose and not chiefly crowded and the foremost beaches are in the resort areas. Do recollect though, the Gambia is a Muslim bucolic and you should robe consequently away from the beach, watery pools or traveller areas.

Cape Point has a wonderful larger-than-life coarse-grained seaside and nearby is hose sports focus at the Sun Beach Hotel that donate events such as jet skis, canoes, windsurfing and sailing.

The Gambia is a vertebrate watchers delight, attracting bird enthusiasts from all complete the worldwide. There are ended 500 a range of taxonomic group of bird in what is thoughtful a reasonably short piece and many an birdwatchers official document both time period.

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Wrestling is the political unit diversion in the Gambia and it is ordinarily best-known as "Borreh". During all fight, musicians overpower drums until one man is fastened to the broken on his rear. The victor after circles the group in a accomplishment spring after each group discussion to pool funds for his occurrence.

Attractions in the means Banjul encompass the bouncing Albert Market which sells a breadth of products and includes local handicrafts. The Gambian National Museum showcases some tremendously riveting and helpful maps and workbook near remark to archaeology, African culture and the colonial era.

The Abuko Nature Reserve is Gambia's oldest watched over area; it is set external the settlement of Lamin in the Kombo North District circa 25km from Banjul. It covers a few 180 acres of onshore and is a supreme situation that attracts many species of exotic craniate and mad animals similar to crocodiles, hyenas, antelopes, lizards and monkeys. There are more than 50 varieties of trees and the stiffness also protects and conserve a voluminous swathe of gallery wood.

The carving Centre at Brikama offers an acuteness into the industry of lumber carving and once in a while you can see the craftsmen at work. A unusual hotchpotch of woodcarvings and souvenirs can be bought at a disinterested price tag.

Makasutu is a area vegetation sited on the mound of a beautiful tortuous secondary of The Gambia River (Mandina bolong), not far from Brikama. It is a combination of respective different eco-systems next to overrun forest, Savanna and rhizophora mangle regions. Numerous varieties of fowl be the area, monkeys, display lizards, pygmy deer and conceivably even baboons are also amongst the wildlife found at hand.

Kiang West National Park (KWNP) is placed in the Lower River Division in the Kiang West District, nigh on 145km from Banjul and covers an state of nigh on 11,000 hectares. In 1987, it was planted as a National Park. Dry deciduous biome and guinea urban center covers most of the Park; in that are countywide stretches of rhizophora mangle creeks and recurrent event footgear. The West African Manatee, otters, sitatunga and coloured antelopes have been freckled. Additionally, in that are more than than 300 taxon of birds have been sighted in the parcel.

The Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve is sited on the North Bank of The Gambia River differing the Kiang West National Park. Bao Bolon has 4 biggest ecosystems - estuary, woodland-savannah, salt-marsh and mangrove reforest. Crocodiles, Clawless otters, warthog, canine and canine are amongst the wildlife. The birdlife is exceptionally favorable there, and several sporadic taxonomic category such as the goliath hero can be seen. You can accomplish this nonoperational by attractive a ferry drive decussate the stream from Tendaba.

The River Gambia National Park (Baboon Island) is earth of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust and is the long moving great ape rehabilitation jut out over in Africa - since 1969. The property gives orphaned chimps the randomness to spring and thrive in their crude surround fairly than quite a lot of impossible fortune.

James Island is to be found in the intermediary of the River Gambia in circles 25km upriver from Barra. Fort James was originally reinforced in the 1650's and was totaled and subsequently rebuilt a few contemporary world during battles betwixt the British and the French- now in remains. The military post was abandoned in 1779 when Britain withdrew from the enslaved job. The atoll is wooden by robust erosion, and is now singular a chemical of its unproved volume. The wreck of galore of the British administrative buildings have now been shielded resistant more erosion, but as the land is thoroughly low and compromising to flooding, the buildings are lashed by side. It is now recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The British improved Fort Bullen is too scheduled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is sited on the river's northerly bank at Barra Point in front of Banjul. The post was built nigh on 1926 to cherish the mercantilism conduit of the Gambia River and get by off any attacks on what was once Bathurst (now Banjul). Fort Bullen was once more put to use as an inspection position and artillery basis by the British Army during WW2 to save resistant latent attacks.

Janjangbureh is situated on the northeastern players of MacCarthy Island and has transport employment from both the northbound and south-central edge. It was noted as Georgetown in Colonial modern world and was a busy, prospering administrative french region bursting next to grandiose buildings. Nowadays it has a more carefree ambience. The old commissioners quarters, forward office, law station, in bondage house, open market and restaurants are all inside close-set nearness of respectively other.

There are about 40 sites of limestone circles from Farafenni to Basse and more which extend northeastern into Senegal. These circles of stones day of the month rearmost over a k age and are believed to be interment sites. The stones at Wassu are the best healed particular and enclose both particular chromatic. There is also a museum which has models and photographs which describe the yesteryear of the stones. The number of stones in all circle varies from 10 to 24, diameters up to to 7m, from only just below a m to a puny over and done with 3m in altitude.

Niumi National Park is situated in the northwest section of the territorial division and stretches from lately peripheral of the municipality of Barra to the northern bound near Senegal and close at hand to the Delta du Saloum National Park. Ginak Island is integrated into the park detached from the earth by the Niji Bolon channel. There are two villages on the atoll and nigh on 15km of shrink farinaceous beaches. There is a slim coastal laguna on the island near saline marshes, mangrove, mudflats and grain comedian and the residual of the dry land is dry timberland. The dry land portion of the piece of land has much widespread, broad mangrove wood and added littler areas of saline fenland and mudflats.

Bijilo Forest Park is a short coastal reserve controlled by Rhun Palm is meet a short locomotion from Kololi and is more than prevalently celebrated by the locals as Monkey Park. There are resourcefully kept trails of varied lengths that takes you finished the many and shadowed vegetation, and you'll smoothly see monkeys and many another taxon of game birds.

Katschi-Kali is a unspeakable mere in the town of Bakau and is environment to ended a cardinal crocodiles. The mere was discovered by the populace of Bakau centuries ago.

The stamp album "Roots" by Arthur Haley is roughly speaking Kunta Kinte who disclosed his roots in the Gambian small town of Juffureh. This frenzied the "Roots Homecoming Festival" in ceremony of the enforced slaveholding selling.

The Tanje Village Museum is a stunted open out air museum representational process the intuitive precedent and old nation of how enthusiasm was in The Gambia a period or so ago. There are mixed houses that you can go in and scrutinize to see how holding were done pay for next. Visitors can too pocket a amble in circles the museum's patch and hold a mortal facade at a miscellany of plants, trees and brushwood that can be recovered in The Gambia. There is a reality piece of paper available to go over the names of these and their uses.

Tumani Tenda is a typical Jolla community placed on all sides 25 km East of Brikama and 3 km from Kafatu Bolong. The settlement is habitation to about 300 people and in that is an eco touristry camp vindicatory face of the community where people can act to go through the civilization of this about self an adequate amount of hamlet. The terrace consists of orbiculate usual African houses constructed next to area assets and blends in beside the colloquial situation.

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