The Nokia 6500 Slide was primitively free aboard the Nokia 6500 Classic, these 6-Series Nokia phones are severely remarkable and divers from any else scale as they are certainly called after one-time Nokia phone models that were released done 7 years ago. Nokia is the solitary maker to dawdle in this make of merchandise marketing inwardly the complete maneuverable phones industry but it does come across to be paying off as the new models are before protrusive to savor a cult regard.

The Nokia 6500 Classic is the peak carefully cognate archetype to the imaginative Nokia 6500, content slight designing in a confection bar data format were the attributes of the artistic release, but the new Classic models too propose several of the most up-to-date transplantable application and a few fascinating new production materials in their engender up.

The Nokia 6500 Slide was discharged at the very circumstance as the Classic models but the design is severely opposing. As you would wait for from the name, this ideal is a slippery appliance but it besides offers an upgraded photographic camera and any 3G work that the Classic reworked copy does not. For example, the 6500 Slide facilitates frontage to obverse picture business wherever the Classic, although a 3G enabled phone, solitary supports download and browse 3G work.

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This has caused a bit of a mess for the faithful 3G network, 3 Mobile. They lately denaturised their tariffs and built-in a visual communication call upon bundle near both accord. With the Nokia 6500 Classic not existence able to taking up picture calling, the asking price of the earpiece shot up and the scheme have to a confident degree iridescent themselves in the foot by taking on the phone box.

Getting spinal column to the new Nokia 6500 Slide Black Edition, this is the most modern adornment to the range and offers scientifically the selfsame specifications, engineering and features as the innovative Silver Slide printing but now comes sheathed in a caliginous and seductive, achromatic steel exterior. The new color task gives the phone a authentic psychological feature of expense and select. This is not a plastic cell phone suchlike so copious separate models, the shell is factory-made from unblemished metal and gives a appreciated weight to the phone, it likewise provides remaining wadding opposed to everyday knocks and scuff whilst the extensive features payoff keeping of business organisation.

The Nokia 6500 Slide is based on the pattern of the Nokia 6280 and 6288 handsets and far removed from the Nokia 6500 Classic, this reworked copy of the 6500 is a human.

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The Nokia 6500 Slide offers somewhat finer say-so command than that of the Nokia 6500 Classic, near 6 hours of talktime and 310 hours on standby and includes all of the radical features unspoken for in the 6500 Classic such as the built-in MP3 Player, web browser, email, minute messaging, EDGE technology, UMTS utilize and so away.

As with the Classic version, the Nokia 6500 Slide is a 3G enabled french telephone but the photographic equipment has been boasted up to 3.2 mega pixels with the section of Carl Zeiss Optics and the inclusion of a inessential camera for picture occupation is a advantage plus it has too got FM Radio with RDS.

Other enhancements visible next to the Slide version of the Nokia 6500 count a TV-out jack so Video clips and imagery can be contend/viewed on your Television eyeshade as in good health as facultative TV Video Calls & Conference Calls and afterwards severally it also has A2DP Stereo post next to Bluetooth.

The new Nokia 6500 Slide Black printing has been launched as an Orange gridiron exclusive, this money that for a constrained occurrence consumers will solitary be able ot purchase the telephone on the Orange network, after which the instrumentality will be addressable on else UK networks.

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